About TB Lashes, Brow, and Beauty 
 Our Story
 Founded by the visionary Tatiana Britz, TB Lashes, Brow, & Beauty has been setting the standard in the beauty industry since 2010. From her early days, fresh out of beauty school, Tatiana was captivated by the transformative power of lash and brow artistry. Understanding how these key features can sculpt the face and enhance an individual’s vibrancy, youth, and confidence, she dedicated herself to mastering her craft. Tatiana has sought out advanced training with top-tier beauty experts from the US and abroad, ensuring that her techniques remain at the forefront of the industry. But her commitment doesn’t end there; Tatiana insists on using only the highest-quality, up-to-date products for her clients, guaranteeing results that speak for themselves.
 Our Commitment At our Naples, Florida, studio, excellence is the standard. Here, innovation meets tradition in the perfect blend to offer our clients unmatched beauty transformations. Under Tatiana’s guidance, our team—meticulously trained by Tatiana herself—upholds the values of superb customer service, exceptional work quality, and unyielding cleanliness.
Beyond beauty, community is at the heart of TB Lashes, Brow, and Beauty.
Tatiana's involvement in local organizations and her role on the board of the Project Outreach Foundation underscore her dedication to giving back, particularly by supporting children facing poverty. Why choose us?
• Expertise: A decade of unparalleled skill in lash and brow artistry.
• Quality: commitment to the finest products for best-in-class results.
• Innovation: continuously evolving techniques to stay ahead.
• Community Focus: A strong commitment to community welfare and support.
• Team Excellence: A passionate team trained to perfection by Tatiana.
 Join Us in Naples, Florida Experience the blend of beauty, excellence, and compassion at TB Lashes, Brow, & Beauty. Whether you’re looking for a transformation or to experience our world-class services, Tatiana and her dedicated team await.

Tatiana O. Britz

TB lashes.brows.beauty

3370 pine ridge Road, suite 2
Naples FL
Cell:( 305)394-7586