with Tatiana Britz

What can we say... we love what we do! As lash artists we get to spend our days creating beautiful lashes for our clients and there's nothing like taking those pads off to reveal a beautiful new set, seeing the little sparkle in their eyes, and watching the new pep in their step as a client walks out the door. We also know that with each happy client much time and care is spent to create this. We can spend hours sitting with our arms in front of us and even though we might have the best intentions for proper body mechanics we can feel the affects after a long day. I can think of times where my leg starts to tingle or your back begins to feel uncomfortable in the middle of an appointment (anyone else?!). I silently think “I hear ya body, but I'm kind of in the middle of something.” So what do we do?! It's super important to remember that if we want to have a long healthy career in lashing then we must take care of ourselves along the way. We've compiled a list of tips to help you ensure you are using the best body mechanics, daily practices, and self care ideas along the way! 1. Using proper form-Make sure you are comfortable. When first starting out as a lash artist I made the mistake of not sitting close enough to my table. I would keep my arms out in front of me rather than resting them on the table when I could and just totally forgot about my posture because I was so concentrated on my work. Girl, at the end of the day I ached. I quickly learned to adjust my table when needed, take a quick moment to stand and readjust my body when I felt it asking me to. Let me tell you- it helped in major ways! 2. Stretch,stretch, stretch.I'll say it again- STRETCH. We fall into a natural form as we lash and often we unintentionally hunch over as we work. After hours of your arms in front of you go ahead and connect your hands behind your back and give a little pull. You'll feel those chest muscles give a little “hallelujiah” immediately. I am a huge fan of youtube's “Yoga With Adrienne” because she has yoga and stretching videos of all lengths for quick and easy practices. Spend ten minutes before bed trying this and watch your muscles thank you. 3. Regular massage- You don't have to go crazy and spend lots of money here! Buying a textured foam roller can do wonders. An accupressure mat is a personal fave and with just a short time each day it helps bring bloodflow and relief to any areas that are holding on to tension. You can buy both of these for about $20 on amazon! Many gym memberships also offer hydro- massage beds, massage chairs etc. Take advantage of these things. Healthy relaxed muscles mean a happier more comfortable and relaxed lash artist. 4. Strengthen those muscles. There seems to be a theme here with muscles... but it's true and you'll thank yourself by incorporating some of these basic practices. You also don't have to go ham at the gym but research a few basic at home moves like planks, wall sits, and push ups. Again super basic but goes a long way! These four simple steps truly have amazing benefits and can play a key part in making our jobs as artists that much more enjoyable and comfortble as we work. What are some of your favorite things to do as a lash artist?! Comment below and spread some love!

I'm guilty. When I was newer to the world of lashes I found myself at my own lash fill appointment (with my boss and the queen of lash extensions Tatiana Britz I might add) saying “Girl, uh, your lashes are kind of dirty.” “What?! Impossible! I washed them three times the night before and rinsed them that morning” I thought. When you work with the master of lash extensions Beauty By Tatiana you better believe I was slightly embarrassed as I heard this. Lucky for me she's the greatest and instead of making me feel embarrassed we thoroughly went over what happened. You see, I had just spent the weekend visiting my sister and forgot my Bubble Foam Cleanser which is one of Beauty By Tatiana's best selling products. I thought I'd be fine without it for a few days and had a weekend wearing a little extra makeup for a date and then a girls night. The night before my lash fill I used whatever I had to borrow at my sisters which ended up being a sensitive skin bar soap followed by a generic facial cleanser. I thought I did a good job at cleansing but what I didn't see at the time was that the results weren't good. I learned a lesson and have been a good little lash cleanser ever since. Hello, we want these babies to last right?! Here are a few tips to help you clean your lashes properly so you can avoid any embarrassment yourself come fill time. Learn from me. You are welcome.

Don't assume that using a regular cleanser is going to take off your eye makeup. Sure, it might be good to cleanse the skin and work decent without lashes but, eyelash extensions do require a little extra TLC. Beauty By Tatiana offers their famous Bubble Foam which is oil free, has a smooth foam texture, and can clean the makeup in between the lashes. Sidenote: Also don't assume that by using a makeup remover wipe will do the trick! (insert monkey emojie covering it's eyes...oops! I also used this method too often thinking I would preserve my lashes and clean my eyes at the same time. It backfires because it doesn't clean build up in between lashes.) Between products, loose powders, oils, and sweat it can create build up and it's downright yucky what can accumulate if we don't properly cleanse! When I think years back pre lash artist days and more “young unaware lash client” days, I cringe. I can almost feel the burn right now as I think about it. A few lash artist told me it's a good idea to use foaming antibacterial hand soap. If burning the heck out of your eyes then wanting to rub them to high heaven until your lashes fall off then go ahead. But, I suggest you use a specially formulated makeup remover that won't do that like Bubble Foam!

The frequency of cleaning your lashes can vary from person to person but usually cleaning them thoroughly once a day is a good start. If a day goes in between here or there it's not the end of the world if you haven't had makeup on and aren't an oily skin type. While in the shower I let the water run over my face (if you have high pressure water gently shield the lashes to avoid too much extra stress on the lashes), then I will put the bubble foam on my fingertips and gently massage into the lashes. By using a little back and forth motion it will loosen and release anything caught in between the lashes. Think of it as a little lash car wash! Then allow the water to rinse it all away. If you are cleansing at the sink follow the same steps but be sure to use plenty of water to splash in between to rinse everything away and give those eyes a nice fresh start. Give them a little brush and if you're feeling sassy a shot of low pressure air from your blow dryer to give them a fluff! If you're a lash client this is going to help you achieve your best looking lashes because it allows your lash artist to do her job properly. It helps with retention when we have a nice clean palette to work off of! And for you artists by sharing this info with each of your clients it makes our jobs a lot more easier. We can spend less time cleaning and more time lashing resulting in better looking lashes and better retention. Who doesn't want that!? If you haven't tried our Bubble Foam, hop on it. It'll make your job feel a little less like a chore and a little more like a luxury!

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